NHL 24 review

EA Sports games have always walked the fine line between arcade and simulation, and NHL 24 embodies this balance. With fresh mechanics and a revamped physics engine, it strives to capture the essence of real hockey.

But does it succeed in delivering an authentic and engaging hockey experience? Let’s hit the ice and find out!

Platform(s): PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPS4, and Xbox One
Developer(s): EA Vancouver
Publisher(s): EA Sports
Genre: Sports
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

NHL 24 brings a wealth of game modes to satisfy every type of hockey fan. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or lacing up your skates for the first time, there’s something here for everyone.

Season Mode: Take charge of your favourite NHL team and lead them through a full season of hockey. Make important decisions, manage trades, and aim for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup.

Playoffs: Jump right into the heart-pounding excitement of playoff hockey. This mode lets you experience the intensity of postseason play, where every goal counts.

Online Play: NHL 24 offers exciting online modes like Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and World of CHEL. Challenge other players, showcase your skills, and compete on the virtual rink.

Be A Pro: Live the life of an up-and-coming NHL star in “Be A Pro” mode. Create your player, climb through the ranks, and chase your dreams of making it to the big leagues.

Ultimate Challenges: Test your hockey skills with unique scenarios and objectives. These challenges add a thrilling twist to the game.

Franchise Mode: Become a team manager and shape your franchise’s destiny. From drafting new talent to managing finances, Franchise Mode offers a deep experience.

Customization: NHL 24 lets you customize your gameplay experience. Tweak settings, create custom teams, and play your way.

With a variety of game modes, NHL 24 ensures that you can enjoy hockey your way. Whether you love strategic play, online competition, or personal journeys, this game offers enough options that keep you coming back for more.

While NHL 24 might not be the most revolutionary sports game, it introduces significant changes that enhance the overall gameplay. In my opinion, one of the standout improvements is the new body checking and physics engine. In the past, players often felt like magnets, getting stuck in animations when attempting to hit opponents. However, this has changed in NHL 24, where momentum and positioning play a more crucial role. You’ll seldom feel cheated or frustrated during hits, making this one of the game’s most noteworthy improvements.

Realistic and precise passing is a hallmark of any great sports game, and NHL 24 doesn’t disappoint. It introduces a new mechanic, a simple button press to pass to the right player, which adds a level of realism to the game. Although this new feature can be somewhat challenging to implement due to the game’s fast pace, it enhances the overall gameplay. Your success in completing passes depends on your ability to use this mechanic effectively.

NHL 24 also makes significant improvements to the goalie gameplay. EA Sports aimed to make playing as a goalie more enjoyable, realistic, and rewarding. While it’s not flawless, the changes in gameplay are a substantial step forward. The controls feel intuitive, and players can make a more significant impact as goaltenders. This creates a more engaging and enjoyable experience between the pipes.

Online gameplay presents a different set of challenges. NHL 24 offers various modes for online play, including World of CHEL and Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). While creating and customizing your player and unlocking new gear are enjoyable and rewarding, online gameplay can be frustrating, especially for players who are not as skilled.

Online matches can be challenging for those not dedicating significant time to the game. Skill discrepancies can lead to one-sided games where one player dominates, leaving the other frustrated. The mechanics of the game sometimes result in repetitive and frustrating patterns that take away from the fun of online play. It can be challenging to fix this issue, but it’s a significant drawback for those who prefer online matches.

Despite some challenges in online play, NHL 24 represents a substantial improvement over previous entries in the franchise. EA Sports should be commended for steering the ship in the right direction. Notably, playing as a goalie has been enhanced, marking a positive change for this mode.

While NHL 24 is not without flaws, it offers a solid presentation, a wide variety of game modes, and an engaging on-ice experience. Longtime players will find enough to enjoy, and if you have been away from the series for some time you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the direction in which the EA Sports NHL franchise is headed.

In the end, NHL 24 captures the essence of hockey with improved gameplay mechanics, even though online play can present challenges. It offers a wealth of game modes and introduces notable changes, making it a step in the right direction for the series. EA Sports continues to evolve and improve their hockey franchise, offering both returning and new players an enjoyable and authentic hockey experience.

+ Improved gameplay mechanics
+ Variety of game modes
+ Visually appealing and realistic hockey experience

– Online matches can be challenging if your not as skilled or dedicated to the game as other players

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 3/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4/5

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